Main Street Greeneville Unveils New Winter Banner

November 19, 2014

You can own this too!

Main Street Unveils New Winter Seasonal Banners

Main Street: Greeneville’s new winter banners for downtown Greeneville arrived during the recent snowfall which was very apropos since they feature snowflakes in various shapes and sizes. The heavy weight vinyl banners which measure 28 by 60 inches are digitally printed on both sides in historical blues and whites and include the word Welcome.

Funding Efforts Continue

The fund raising effort for the banners began during the Town’s Fourth of July celebration when a very weary looking grapevine reindeer decorated with a little of this and a little of that was part of the parade. People wondered why a reindeer was in the July Fourth parade but they soon learned why and have pitched in to help Main Street raise funds to purchase the first nineteen new banners. Donations at Lyrics on the Lawn Summer Concerts and proceeds from “Beyond the Boxwoods” house tour of the Daniels’ home on North Main Street helped with the first phase of funding.

Sharon O’Neal, a board member on the Design Committee for Main Street, said “We still need additional banners so we encourage people to get involved so we can add them to more of the decorative lampposts in the downtown Main Street District. Nineteen is a good start but by no means do we want to stop there. We want snowflakes everywhere. People can donate at the office or even on our website via PayPal.”

Available for Purchase – even personalized

It was not the original intent to make the banners available for purchase until after they had flown in the downtown area for a number of years but the public interest to own the banners now has lead Main Street: Greeneville to make them available for immediate sale. The banners may be purchased by contacting the Main Street office at 423-639-7102. The cost is $125.00 per banner with a discounted price of $100.00 for current Main Street: Greeneville members. They can also be personalized for an additional $25.00 per banner. Quick turnaround is possible so place your order now to get yours in time for the holidays.

Jann Mirkov, the organization’s Executive Director said “The opportunities are endless for this program. Personalized banners can have a business name; be in memory of a loved one; in honor of someone perhaps even one serving in the military; an organization’s name or a family’s name to fly at their home. We are hoping that at least some of the banners being purchased directly by folks this year will be offered to us to hang this season and go to their owner’s in the spring when they are taken down. That certainly is not necessary but it would help us get a leg up this year on the number we could fly downtown. We encourage businesses to consider buying at least one to either hang outside or in the window of their business. What a super community wide welcoming message we could send to all. The banners could be flown anywhere in addition to downtown. How neat could it be to see them throughout the community? Who knows where this idea will take us. Our wheels are spinning on designs for the other seasons.”

If owning a banner is not your thing but you would like to help fund more for downtown you can do so by contacting the Main Street Greeneville office, 310 S. Main St., via phone 423-639-7102 or via email at Donations can be accepted via, cash, check, PayPal and credit card. For details contact the Main Street Greeneville office or visit