Beyond the Boxwoods Home Tour

August 27, 2014

1820's Valentine Sevier Home on North Main Street

Main Street: Greeneville Hosts Sunday Stroll Through Valentine Sevier Home on North Main Street

Sunday September 14, 2014

1 — 4 pm

$5.00 donation*

For years the Valentine Sevier Home located on North Main Street in historic downtown Greeneville, TN had been in need of some major TLC. The huge boxwoods that lined the brick walkway and entrance to the home were over grown and all but obstructed the circa 1820's home from view. Leaving many to wonder what does the house "beyond the boxwoods" really look like.

The boxwoods have been removed exposing the beauty and charm of this early home. However, for many the question still remains "What does the house "beyond the boxwoods" really look like?" To find out take a Sunday stroll through the house to see what the current owners, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, have done to turn this house into a home. The house is unfurnished and there is still much to do but the opportunity to view the structure is now. After the stroll visitors are invited outside to enjoy some lemonade and cookies.

The large brick home was constructed shortly after Valentine Sevier bought three tracts of land from John Balch on April 21, 1821. Slave labor provided the bricks that were made on property and all the hand carved woodwork is thought to have been done by Irish craftsmen. The original three story home, contained nine rooms and three halls. Remaining on the property in addition to the house are the smoke house and brick law office. The two story four room servant's house was removed many years ago. Come imagine what life was like in the 1820's and see how the heritage of the past is able to be shared with the present.

*Donations will benefit the new seasonal decorations campaign. The new decorations will replace the current ones used during the Holiday Season in downtown Greeneville.