Reminders about Andrew Johnson National Cemetery

February 25, 2021

Photo credit: NPS/Sarah Bowers

Maintaining the dignity and respect at ANJO

As the weather warms and the days grow longer and sunnier, staff at Andrew Johnson National Cemetery would like to remind all visitors that the cemetery is a solemn and reverent place. Created in 1906 to provide a dignified and sacred resting place for this country’s honored dead, Andrew Johnson National Cemetery is guided by specific Congressional regulations for the use of cemetery grounds. Some activities, such as using the cemetery as a playground, as a dog park, or as a meeting/gathering place where the purpose of the meeting is not related to the solemn nature of the cemetery is not permitted.

While dog-walking on the cemetery's roads and sidewalks is permitted, having dogs off leash is not permitted within Andrew Johnson National Cemetery. Visitors are asked to respect the solemnity and sacredness of the cemetery and be respectful of those, who have come to honor family and friends interred here. "We want visitors to come and enjoy the tranquility and beautiful views within the cemetery, and we also want to maintain the dignity and respect owed to our fallen heroes by using the cemetery appropriately" said Superintendent David Foster.

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