Main Street Seeks Reinvestment Statistics for Downtown Properties

January 18, 2018

Assistance of Property Owners and Tenants Needed

Annually the local Main Street Program is required to provide reinvestment stats, for the eighteen blocks within the Main Street District, to both the state and national programs as part of their accreditation process for the organization. Main Street: Greeneville, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that supports sustainable community driven revitalization efforts through, design, economic vitality, organization and design.

They are asking for all businesses and property owners, both commercial and residential, within the district to help provide this information for the year 2017. The information may be turned in via phone 423-639-7102 or email to The Main Street District runs North and South from N Main St at Tusculum Blvd. to South Main at McKee St and East to West from Academy St to Loretta St taking in the block where the railroad depot and former tobacco warehouses is located. It extends west on Cutler to Irish street.

Data needed includes: Net of all gains and losses in jobs; Net of all gains and losses in new businesses; number of building rehabilitation projects, public improvement projects, new construction projects and housing units. Key to all this is the value of the private and public investment spent in these projects. Interior and exterior expenses are both counted. Building permits can provide much of the reinvestment information however projects not needing one are often missed and are vital to the overall total dollars spent.

Deadline for data collection for 2017 projects is Friday, January 26th at noon. Contact the Main Street office at 423-639-7102 for additional details. Your participation is appreciated.