Downtown Revitalization


Rediscover Greeneville

Using the historic General Morgan Inn as a centerpiece, Rediscover Greeneville seeks to create a unique, pedestrian-oriented community where people can live, work and play within walking distance of a vibrant downtown.

By leveraging public and private capital, Rediscover Greeneville plans to attract the relocation of entrepreneurs and their new and developing businesses, encourage business creation within the local community, promote the redevelopment of downtown property, invite tourism and, ultimately, generate a renewable income strain.

Walter State Community College — Enhancement Plan

The WSCC Greeneville/Greene County Campus Enhancement Plan includes a new 84,000 square-foot building that has been designed to match the historical architecture of downtown Greeneville and the heritage of higher education in this region. Designed by local architect John Fisher, the building will feature state-of-the art natural science and health labs; residential police and fire academies; a 234-seat auditorium; and general classrooms and student support areas. It will also include outdoor spaces such as a pedestrian plaza.

Private Investment

Private citizens Andrea and W.T.Daniels purchased inDecember 2012the historic 1820's Valentine Seiver home. They are excited to renovate this historic place and make it their home. Follow the Greeneville Sun for their progress.

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